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Series «Material of time»
Composition #1
85x190 cm
Ink, plastic, matt varnish ⠀⠀


Серия «Материал времени»⠀
Композиция #1
85х190 см
Акрил, пластик
Алюминиевая рама

Composition #1 «Material of time», Sasha Roschin

1 000,00€Цена
  • Material of time, the exhibition of a series of 12 abstract

    paintings by St Petersburg experimental artist Sasha


    Sasha creates abstract paintings considering material and

    technique the main elements of his art. The artist controls

    the direction of material movement and sets the design with

    the help of an air stream. This approach allows the paint to

    leave a natural imprint on the canvas. Then the artist covers

    the painting with transparent epoxy or gloss varnish. The coat

    creates 3D-volume effect and conveys the impression of the

    frozen paint movement.

    For Sasha his art is the symbol of vitality. This is an abstract

    field that shows something special for every viewer. The artist

    deliberately avoids direct images and depicts pure

    impression that has no particular name. This is a

    combination of the artist's feelings and emotions which a

    viewer can experience through contemplating the work.

    During the exhibition the author suggests taking part in the

    experiment: you can give a name to every picture, write it on

    the special form and fill in the column ‘Impression’ or

    ‘Emotional condition’. You can also upload your photo of the

    picture on Instagram with the hashtag of its number, for

    example, #materialoftime01 and your ‘impression / emotional

    condition’ response. This experiment will show whether an

    abstract picture can convey the same impression for different

    people, or everyone interprets it relying on his/her personal


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