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Alice Shchelkanova was born in Saint Petersburg in 2012. Alice draws from her birthday,  at age of 1.5 years old she was introduced to a water-colour.  At 3 years old she discovered acrylic paint, and since then she paints. And loves it. In addition to painting Alice enjoys horseback riding and likes music and dance a lot. Very fond of Mozart and learning to play the piano. Loves to attend art exhibitions and museums. Recently, Alice began to illustrate the children's book with stories that she coined with her mother. "Little Mozart" this name the art collector from Belgium, Lieve Asselman, gave to Alice, and we used this name "Little Mozart" for Alice Solo Exhibition in 2016.

Alice Pictures - is a game. The game, as a broad philosophical concept. One of the time points in a game reflects itself on a canvas, lines freeze, intertwine, stops. The end of one game, is a start of a new one. Alice’s paintings is an experiment, this is a point in the present, this is a game in its purest form. This experiment takes the game to a new level of understanding, the game turns into art, makes it possible for point in space and time become tangible and change the future.

Each painting is unique. It has a wonderful power. Holds the space around itself. Colour and shape in admirable way tells a story, and engage us.


2017          SOLO EXHIBITION  "Circles", Metropolis Gallery, St. Petersburg, November 2017

2017          INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS   St. Petersburg   27 June - 2 July  "St. Petersburg  Cup for artistic creativity - Assembly of Arts”

2017        Affordable ART FAIR  HONG KONG   19 - 21 May 2017 HONG KONG. HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre). Represented by a Gallery "I Love Art"

2017         V International ART FORUM “Winter Insomnia”   Alice participated in V International Art Forum “Winter Insomnia 2017”.  It took place in Saint Petersburg from January 30 to February 4.

2016          SOLO EXHIBITION  "LITTLE MOZART"    Solo exhibition "Little Mozart".  7 - 21 November 2016 Alice had her first solo exhibition in Saint Petersburg, in creative space “Tkachi”.

2016        "Saatchi Screen"   In August 2016 one of Alice's artworks was start appearing on display in Saatchi Gallery, London, in the installation on the 2nd floor 'Saatchi Screen’.  

"The Mountains". Alice Schelkanova

1 280,00€Цена
  • 50 x 60 cm

    acrylic on canvas


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